Project CategoryCommercial
British Columbia

Escalator Replacement

Pro-Tech recently completed the replacement of four escalators in an active Skytrain station.  This project was completed with no incidents and with minimal disruption to the operation of the station and the public.

As all 4 of the escalators were in different locations, we had to develop four custom designed and engineered solutions to remove and replace the escalators.  The first was completed with a crane, the second with our hydraulic gantries, the third with a custom dual monorail attached to the roof of the stations staircase, and the fourth involved a temporary monorail setup to span the escalator from the floor above.

This kind of creative thinking allowed our client to have their escalators installed in tight areas, without extensive modifications to the existing station and without disrupting nearby businesses.

Pro-Tech also provided container receiving and destuffing, as well as storage and transportation to site to give our client a complete packaged solution for their project.