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Industrial Rigging & Moving Consultations in Canada

Collaborative Consultation for Industrial Moves & Relocations

Although most of our work as an industrial rigging and moving company is hands-on, much of it also occurs in the boardroom. These consultations are equally as important (if not more important) to the ultimate success of the project. 

Our engineers and technicians can bring their expertise to the project at any stage of development. Whether you’re managing your moving solutions in-house and need input, strategies, or engineering, or you need a fully managed solution planned from the outset of the project, we’re here to lend our decades of expertise in industrial moving services. 

Solving Problems Others Can’t

The majority of the team members at Pro-Tech Industrial Movers are problem-solvers. We’re creative thinkers who like to apply and test innovative new ideas. After all, there’s always an opportunity for improvement, and it’s an opportunity that calls to us.

At Pro-Tech Industrial Movers we are problem-solvers.

Our team is built not just of creative thinkers, but highly experienced and qualified planners, engineers and skilled trades people and as a team we apply, and test innovative solutions based on that industry leading experience and expertise.

Each project we have managed brings unique challenges requiring unique solution and it is this challenge that calls to us.

Innovation balanced with experience and technical expertise ensures that your project gets not only the right approach but one that is virtually risk free.

Let our years of experience work to your benefit.

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    Engage with Our Engineers at Any Stage of Your Project

    Although early engagement is always optimal, our industrial moving consultants and engineers are able to jump into your moving challenges at any stage of the project. In many cases, we’re called upon to make changes to the current transportation or rigging strategy or to find alternative options for cost-savings, safety, or compliance issues.

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    Consultations for Industrial Relocations

    If your industrial site is relocating, having expert industrial movers on your consultation team is paramount to maintaining operational efficiency. Our team has helped with the planning and logistics, relocation, and setup phases of major industrial relocations in Western Canada.

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    Industrial Moving Consulting

    For the most professional and reliable industrial moving services in Canada, you want Pro-Tech Industrial Movers on your project management team. To learn more about our project consulting processes or to bring our team into your boardroom, get in touch with us today.

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