Machinery Moving

Our reputation as a machinery mover has been built over the past 20 years and is one of the main focuses of our business.

Our consultation and project management processes help us define the right tools, equipment, and expertise to apply to your project and place your equipment exactly when, and where you want it. Your entire project is done safely and efficiently.

State of the Art Equipment

Offered in conjunction with crane lifting and operations, at Pro-Tech we use state of the art equipment to safely carry and place your equipment. This process is ideal for working in tight spaces and difficult to access areas.

Typically, we’ll load your equipment to our dollies by jacking, or using one of our cranes or specialized forklifts. From there, we maneuver from point A to B using specialized casters and/or steering dollies and forklifts, or a electric pusher for propulsion.

Once in location we’ll set your equipment in its desired location with laser precision.

Our planning and processes are a proven, low risk technique, that has served us and our customers across countless operation sites in the past.

Make your next project a Pro-Tech project