Art & Specialty Items

Moving art and high value specialty items requires extreme consideration, planning and great care. Our fine-tuned process involves assessing the needs of the specialty item, assembling the right group of movers and technicians, strategizing the ideal route, applying for proper permits, and then going about the job safely and professionally.

Our processes have facilitated the transportation and installation of many ornate and historical museum artifacts as well as many pieces of irreplaceable public art.

From delivering a live orca whale to the airport for its private charter flight to the sunny south or more recently, the successfully transport and placed hand-crafted First Nations Totem Poles including the National Reconciliation Totem Pole. Pro-Tech has the exacting processes, certified team members and equipment to provide not only a great relocation result, but more importantly “Peace of Mind”.


  • First Nations totem pole to a university
  • Historical maritime artifact to a museum
  • A live orca whale to the airport

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