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Planning for Industrial Moves

Early Engagement

Pro-Tech Industrial Movers is often asked to provide input early on in an industrial project, typically before the job is awarded to a contractor. 

Pre-planning and logistics are a significant part of every service we offer. The success of our work is critical to make sure timelines are maintained, items are properly placed, and budgets are set and maintained. That’s why we plan, calculate, and where required engineer every step of the process under a microscope. 

Early engagement ensures we can come up with solutions for accurate job costing, equipment and machinery requirements, along with safety and risk management plans. In most cases, the earlier we can provide an analysis and estimate for the work, the more successful the project will be in terms of accurate job costing, preparedness, and smooth execution.

Ultimately, our primary objective is to head off problems long before they occur and to lay out the project in a way that makes you as confident of success as we are.

Expertise Based on Decades of Experience 

We’ve been pre-planning projects with our customers for decades, which has allowed us to build a great amount of trust in the sectors and industries we work with. Our clients know they can trust us to be around for another 60 years and to deliver on our promises, which is why they’re comfortable calling us early on in the project development. 

When we in pre-planning stages, we’ll ask questions like: 

  • What types of equipment and personnel will we need to deploy, and when?
  • How can we scale this project so we can move bigger sections or pieces in a more efficient way?
  • What outside factors (such as weather or timing) might contribute to the success or failure of the project? 
  • How can we generate cost-savings with innovative or creative solutions? 

We also apply pre-planning to our project consultation services. If you need a second set of eyes on your industrial rigging or moving project, our experts are here to help.

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    Planning logistics for industrial moving

    Project Logistics 

    When we dive deep into logistics with companies we work with, we’re conscious of the fact that we’re only one piece of a very large machine. 

    When it comes to projects such as those in the construction, infrastructure, and transportation sectors, we don’t operate in a bubble. We have to consider the structures, equipment, and people around us, while also coordinating details like timing, routes, laws and regulations, and project specifications.

    Below are just a few examples of why and how we deal with project logistics long before we’re on-site and ready to move.

    Facilitating Yard Storage, Transport & Deliveries

    When projects take weeks, months, or years to complete, receiving, storing, and moving equipment and materials requires planning. Recently, we helped a client building underground subway tracks lay out their yard in a way that would allow for the easy and safe flow of equipment, materials, and personnel. We planned deliveries for specific times to ensure all the materials needed were on site when they needed to be, instead of taking up space in the yard.

    Accommodating Safety Regulations

    Although we have our own stringent safety protocols, certain projects call for specific regulations to come into effect. In this case, we work with our own safety professionals, as well as other safety consultants and regulating bodies to ensure that every demand for safety is met. Sometimes, this results in creative solutions to ensure we can get the job done without violating safety standards. 

    Keeping Traffic Moving 

    When you’re working in, around, or on infrastructure, it’s important to keep the flow of traffic moving around the project, whether it’s boats, trains, vehicles, equipment, or people that need to get somewhere. We minimize interruptions as much as possible, planning out logistics that include the timing of certain outages or restrictions to traffic flow.

    Decreasing Interruptions to Work & the Community

    Maintaining the regular operations, construction, or daily life that surrounds a project is always important to us. In most cases, we’re able to find ways to be in and out without delaying or disturbing what’s going on around us. In one of our recent port projects, we were able to remove seven gantry cranes while the container traffic kept moving. The client was able to have their highest volume month to date. 

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    Pre-Planning & Logistics Projects in Western Canada

    Below are a few projects Pro-Tech Industrial Movers has completed that included significant pre-planning and logistics processes.