Pro-Tech is Western Canada’s leader in specialized rigging and moving. Our mission is to be your first choice for specialized rigging, moving and installations in Western Canada. 

Our team works hard every day to make complex moving projects safer and more cost-effective for our clients. We are committed to our COR Certification, and use our years of experience and expertise to help alleviate the challenges of today’s fast-paced specialized rigging, moving and installation projects, while providing quality.

Our values are the pillars of our business, defining who we are, and guiding every decision we make.

Apex Team


With respect and trust at the foundation, our teams are committed to working together to find the best solutions and to provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective options for our customers. Our team does not stop until we find the best approach. Utilizing the strengths of each team member, we bring the right team together for your project based on each member’s skill set. We value the talent and dedication each member provides to the Apex team.


When we say “safety first”, we can show you how we live this out. Each member of our team maintains current safety and training standards. We are also committed to COR Certification and the stringent regulatory requirements to maintain this standard. To ensure the job is done right, we ensure safety throughout our professional approach.  


We know that you have a choice in who to hire for your moving needs, and our performance determines our success in the rigging and moving industry. As we improve our certifications and the knowledge base of our team, we strive to perform to the highest of safety standards. To reinforce our position as a leader in this industry, we are not content to maintain; we continuously learn and grow in our field.


We pride ourselves on our ability to stand and deliver: what we say we will do, we do. To follow through on our promises, we act with integrity and maintain the highest ethical standards. We strive to provide consistent results for our customers. Project specifics will differ due to the complexity of various projects, but the end result will be a satisfied customer with an efficient, safe, and quality service. By seeking new and improved processes, we improve on our industry-leading results, and we continue to stand and deliver. 


Putting our people and equipment to the test with each new project requires us to become innovative; we are a company focused on creative solutions. Listening to our clients and one another and utilizing our expertise allows us to find the right solution for your project. Continuously investing in new equipment, technologies, and safe processes for industrial moving gives us the means to be enterprising. With each new project, we get to pioneer the way to implement the best practice for your specific needs. At Apex, we love the opportunities challenges bring.


Without our customers, we have no purpose! We make it easy to do business with us. Bring us your industrial moving project, and we will listen. Hearing the details of your project allows us to ask the right questions and come up with a plan that will meet your needs efficiently and safely. We are committed to excellent customer service; we want you to fully experience our reliable, innovative, and safe performance, with a team that will impress every time.  


With many team members who have been with Apex for 15 or more years, they will tell you how we care for our people. We are committed to mutual respect on our team, and all of our team members know their value. Diversity in ideas, as well as in individuals and cultures, is a consistent practice for our team. Employee and management development, as well as lifelong learning to expand knowledge and capability, are encouraged and supported. Our team is as committed to you as they are to each other. 

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